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Tour Admat 



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Claire Rosinkranz


it's summer, cruising past do not enter signs with all abandon, last minute road trips with no destination end up anywhere. You float through waves at the beach, and drive windows down on the PCH with gas station sunnies on. The blue sky beckons dreams of a life filled with forever fun and the green grass says slow down take a breathe & enjoy the moment. The 19-year-old Southern California singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist captures all of this joy, confusion, anxiety, and wonder of growing up through 13 tracks set to a soundtrack of gleeful guitars, lo-fi production, and chantable choruses under the California sun.

Sunburnt oversaw the project from halfway through to finish, this included creative direction, video, all the way through to design. Drawing inspiration from the notion of a teenagers Idyllic coming of age summer, the visual and typographic language of the album evokes a dreamlike notion of those hazy final teen years. We set off on a very colorful, textural approach to everything to evoke the bright nostalgia of growing up. In addition to the album campaign, we translated the design language onto merchandise for the 2024 tour. 

Creative director:
Samuel Fisher
Merch Graphics: 
Steven Sprague
Lesli Gray

Samuel Fisher

Zine Design:
Samuel Fisher
Zine Printing:
Francie Zenner

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